Industrial Laundry Equipment’s Repair

As a business owner, you know just how important it is to keep all of your commercial appliances in good working condition. Breakdowns can leave your business at a standstill, which is why you should waste no time in contacting the appliance repair professionals at Evets Holdings Pvt Ltd at the first sign of trouble.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s Repair

For commercial business owners, appliance problems can cause more than just a headache. When even one of your kitchen appliances breaks down, or fails to work like it should, it can have devastating effects on your business. Luckily, help is just a phone call away!

Business IT Solutions

To carry on the business of designers, developers, programmers of computer software & information system & to undertake consultancies in computer system design, management information systems, networking & providing data entry & data processing facilities in Sri Lanka

Welcome to Hospitality Fast Forward; home of your performance partners

Working with hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses, we provide the expertise and advice needed to quantify and improve your business performance and profile. From mystery shopping to quality assessment, sustainability reviews to market advice, our field force of industry experts are available to share advice and guidance, benchmark your business, and identify opportunity for improvement.



 For companies that repair and maintain restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment, we have the features to simplify the management of your Preventative Maintenance and daily service calls.
Keeping you customers’ equipment operational is critical and tracking your daily service calls to completion will help you exceed your customers’ expectations.
With our Service you’ll gain capabilities that improve every aspect of your business — from getting technicians to the right place with the right parts on time, to managing contracts, inventory, billing and follow up. When priorities change, the drag-and-drop visual scheduler makes managing those changes simple and straight forward.

Equipment Service History:

Keeping track of your customers’ equipment details and service history is essential. Our Service provides you with instant up-to-date client, equipment and service history information, plus quick and efficient service technician scheduling.

Service Contracts:

Service contracts are a key component of many service businesses, and with our Service you can manage them with ease. Dispatchers and technicians can quickly verify customer entitlements, eliminating the costs of providing parts and services not covered under contract. Automated period billings and contract expirations and renewals are quickly accessible, and management can be certain that service level agreements (SLAs) are planned for and met.

Inventory Management:

With complete inventory management for equipment sales & service companies, our Service lets you easily track either serialized or non-serialized parts in your warehouse or on trucks, track usage trends, monitor supply for optimal levels and ensure proper billing for every part used.
Our Service manages the complete sales and service lifecycle, from lead generation and quotation, to service and billing, through repurchase. If you deliver great service to your customers today, with our Service it can be even better: proactive, personalized and exceeding expectations.