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Maximum Hygiene Barrier Washing Machines

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Maximum Hygiene Barrier Washing Machines
Cleanliness, hygiene and infection control are now more important than ever. 
Did you know a barrier washing machine could improve the safety of your laundry room? 
It is reported that up to 15% of nosocomial infections are caused by poor linen hygiene which can result in prolonged hospitalisation. 
Unique to most washing machines, barrier washers are designed to separate dirty and clean laundry to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.
Barrier washing machines have one door for loading and a separate door for unloading so linen from the dirty zone is isolated from the clean zone. This process helps reduce the spread of viruses & bacteria which in turn gives additional protection to your staff and any visitors, guests or patients that may be spending time at your company. 
The large door opening makes loading easier and the energy-efficient equipment is fully programmable with many benefits including an intelligent weighing system, low water consumption and a high G-factor which extracts water to reduce tumble drying times.  
Ranging from 16kg to 100kg in capacity we have equipment available to meet the demands of any business, small or large. Developed since 1922 our commercial laundry machines have been supplied to hospitals, care homes, prisons, hotels and many other organisations for decades. 
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