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Samsung launched – New Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner

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Samsung, a world leader in climate solutions, has launched an extended range of Wind-Free Air Conditioner.

Wind-Free technology is one of Samsung’s most

significant innovations and is now available in 4way and 1-way cassettes. Once it reaches the desired temperature in normal cooling mode, the windless TM cassette maintains the perfect temperature without direct airflow by gently dispersing cool and still air through the micro-holes for a natural cooling effect through wind-free technology.

Perry Jackson, head of Samsung’s air conditioner, said of the device:

“Samsung is firmly positioning itself as the industry leader in heating and cooling innovation. We’re expecting 2018 to be an exciting year for the company and expect to make our mark on the industry with our acclaimed Wind-Free™ technology.”

At launch, the systems can use both 1phase and 3phase power supplies with a capacity of 11.2, 14 and 15.5kW.

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