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Commercial Appliance Parts

Whether you only need a single part to get your commercial appliance back up and running or want to replace multiple worn-out parts to ensure your business stays on track, ordering commercial appliance parts from the team at Evets Holdings Pvt Ltd is a snap. Our team of appliance repair professionals can help you put a name to that elusive replacement part and ship it out to you within 24 hours.

Quality Parts Are Essential to Your Business

We stock commercial appliance parts to meet your repair and replacement needs for most major brands. Evets Holdings Pvt Ltd firmly believes in providing you with competitive, hassle-free, quality service.

.Prevent the frequent replacement of low quality parts that have shorter lifespans

.Keep your appliances running at peak performance and reduce energy consumption

.Prevent voiding warranties by using cheap or makeshift commercial appliance parts

Ensure Speedy Appliance Repair

.The type of commercial appliance

.The brand of the appliance

.The model number of the appliance

.The serial number of the appliance

.The part you need to repair